Over the next few day's truebluecougars is going to be doing a series of articles outlining BYU's future quarterbacks. We will try to take a few moments to cover each player, tell about his back ground. And show some of the players strengths and weaknesses. The four quarterbacks covered will be, Ammon Olsen, McCoy Hill, Taysom Hill and Tanner Mangum.

Taysom Hill

Taysom Hill

For those of you that have read the articles on the previous three players. You know that the other two quarterbacks- Olsen and McCoy Hill, are much better runners than the athlete's BYU typically recruits at quarterback. Taysom Hill is clearly one step better in regards to overall speed, quickness and open field elusiveness. Its probabable that he's the best athlete of the bunch. Stanford won a hotly contested recruiting battle for Taysom’s services out of high school. And why wouldn’t teams want him? He’s a proven winner. He was Idaho’s 2008 State Player of the Year and Gatorade’s Player of the Year.


Taysom never enrolled at Stanford and went right out on an LDS mission to Australia. During his service he changed his mind about Stanford, and made arrangements to speak to BYU’s coaching staff. BYU coaches were more than delighted in Taysom’s change of heart. After the hard fought battle, BYU had won the player Doman had so desperately wanted.



And it was Doman that had this to say of the Highland quarterback the day they made the announcement that he had chosen BYU, “Taysom is an outstanding quarterback,” Doman continued,”He will be a great future asset to our program.”


And what an asset he is. At 6’2” he was able to pass for 2,269 yards and 18 touchdowns as a senior. What might be been more impressive is his rushing for just under 1,500 yards and 24 touchdowns. There are not many times BYU has been able to have a track athlete as a quarterback, but Taysom has been clocked multiple times at 4.5 seconds in the forty-yard dash. He lettered in track and basketball, and you can see his speed and quickness in his film.


Some of what makes Taysom fun to watch is his es-capability, combined with a good pocket presence. He’s tough to tackle, and throws really well on the run. A quarterback with Taysom’s skillset occasionally has a hard time with his focus, but Taysom does a really good job of keeping his eyes down field while scrambling and holding the defense until the last possible moment. We also like that he stands tall and steps up to deliver a quick release. He’s a much more polished passer than many quarterbacks that gain 1,500 yards on the ground.


One school that bore the brunt of Taysom’s ability was Pocatello High School. Some may remember the “cheap shot” that Taysom took during the rivalry game. True to the nature of being a gifted athlete, Taysom was also his school’s place kicker. During the opening kickoff he was the recipient of a vicious hit, which lead to an inquiry. It was learned that Pocatello’s head coach had ordered the shot taken on Taysom, and Pocatello's coach Tom Harrison was suspended for the decision.


Taysom Hill was the most highly recruited athlete to come out of Idaho in 2008. And it’s interesting to note that Taysom’s last game at Highland came against Eagle High School -the same team that Tanner Mangum now plays for (Mangum was playing for Timberline at the time). Highland was able to defeat Eagle 28-7, sending Taysom out a winner and State Champion.



One last note on Taysom. Doman, Bronco and Tidwell had Taysom as BYU’s number one choice at quarterback, and just off the top of their board as the number one recruit for that season. Its not hard to see why. He’s LDS, he’s a proven winner, a great fit academically. And he just so happens to be a fantastic athlete, with good size and 4.5 speed. Pretty much everything you could hope for. And if Doman thinks the kid has all the tools, thats more than good enough for us at truebluecougars.